Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Buggin' Out

This was my second attempt at shooting macro. I found this little fellow on the window sill at my house and thought he might make for a good photograph.
Shot in studio using a Canon 5D and a ring flash. F/5.6 @ 1/60


Sophia Zimmerman said...

Good lighting, i like how you left the rear of the bug out of focus.

Stephanie Cottle Photography said...

Nice job! Good lighting and I like how it's desaturated since you put him on a background that's almost the same color. I also like that the focus fades off in the back. The only thing that might make it stronger would be getting the focus right on the tip of the front of the bug, instead of on his back where it is now. Great image.

Jonathan E. Andrews said...

Look at that bug. That macro stuff is wild. I like his little black speckles. It looks like that was a fun shoot. Was he a cooperative bug or a dead bug? The lighting is nice too, nice and even. Nice scarf by the way.